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Luminous Backpack Combo

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"Have it all with Luminous Backpack Combo"

After seeing how many of our customers like Luminous Backpack and order it together with other beautiful luminous bags from Luminous Collection. We decided to create 3 bag set combo including our bestselling luminous bags - now with just one simple click you get Luminous Backpack, Luminous Chain Messenger Bag and Luminous Light Wallet for much cheaper than if you bought each Geometric Luminous bag separately. If you still don't know what are our Geometric Luminous bags let us tell you a little bit about them and why are they so beloved. All Luminous bags are made out of special material which is not only smooth and really satisfying to touch but more important it reflects light making the bags change color. In contact with any light source, Luminous bags will light up like a Christmas tree. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? With this special combo set you will get our bestselling Luminous Backpack - perfect for all your daily essentials, Luminous Chain Messenger - best choice for a party or summer festival and Luminous Wallet Light - great and lightweight wallet for travels. Once you fall in love with these bags it will be hard not to have them so make sure to check out other bags in Luminous Collection as well.


What is included in Luminous Backpack Combo?

  • Backpack size cm: 21.5/33.5*13.5*22cm
  • Messenger bag size cm: 27 X 7 X 17.5 cm
  • Wallet size cm: 18 X 10.5 cm
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    Every bag from our Luminous Collection comes with extra style points, be prepared to receive a lot of attention and compliments. Get yours now and we at the Stand Out Bags will give you an extra discount and free shipping option at the checkout!

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