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Heat Sensitive Wallet

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Magical Heat Sensitive Wallet - Because ordinary is too boring for you.

Are you ready to be amazed? We all know how difficult it is to find a unique, practical and fun wallet. We think wallet makers don't know how to have fun and make people truly stand out. But luckily for you, we at Stand Out Bags have found something really special and cool. From the first look it might seem just like a regular and practical wallet but there is a catch! This wallet is made out of unique heat sensitive material. Yes that is correct this is a heat sensitive wallet and it will change color when you hold it in your hands. The longer it is connected to a source of heat the stronger and more vibrant color will change. This is something really fun to do when you are waiting in line at your local post office. This Heat Sensitive Wallet has all the necessary slots for all your items and essentials like a regular wallet. It has multiple slots for cards, notes, coins and it is roomy enough for your mobile phone as well. Soft heat sensitive material will make you really want to play with it all the time.

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How does the Heat Sensitive Wallet work?

Because of the special two-tone heat-sensitive material this wallet can change its colors depending on temperature changes. In temperatures below 24-25°C / 77-70°F Heat Sensitive wallet will be in black color. If the temperature is higher than that you will see a slight color change. Because human body temperature is around 36°C/ 98°C it is enough just to touch the wallet for a few seconds to witness the magic and see your wallet changing the color from black to pink, green, yellow or orange depending on the color you chose for your wallet. Once the heat source is removed wait a few seconds for the wallet to cool down and return to black. 

Heat sensitive wallet - Thermal color changing process

What are the best Heat Sensitive Wallet features:

  • Unique Design 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Secure Zipped Access
  • Gold color zipper
  • Wallet Size: 19,5 x 9 x 2,5 Cm
  • Wallet Size: 7,6" x 3,5" x 1'' Inches
  • Multiple Compartments 
  • 1 Mobile Phone Pocket 
  • 1 Zipped compartment for coins
  • 4 Note compartments
  • 8 Card Slots 
  • Made out of Polyester
  • Brand: Badiya
Color Changing Wallet - Thermal Heat Sensitive Wallet Inside -  Stand Out Bags

    This Unique and cool looking Heat Sensitive Wallet will make a really cool gift for any girl or woman who likes to have fun and find ordinary too boring for her. Get yours now and we at the Stand Out Bags will give you an extra discount and free shipping option at the checkout! If you liked this wallet make sure to check out other wallets in our collection as well.

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