Squared color Lightweight Packable Backpack - Foldable daypack
black colorful Packable Backpack - Foldable daypack
colorful packable backpack daypack for travel and hiking
Colorful Packable Backpack - Foldable daypack
cool Packable Backpack - Foldable daypack
floral black red Packable Backpack - Foldable daypack
Black White Waterproof Packable Backpack - Foldable daypack
floral black white Packable Backpack - Foldable daypack
White pink Packable Backpack transformable Foldable daypack
Floral Pink Red Packable Backpack - Foldable Daypack
Design Packable Backpack - Foldable daypack
Floral Blue Green Packable Backpack - Foldable daypack
Floral White Packable Backpack - Foldable daypack
Men and woman wearing packable backpack
Female Packable Backpack - Foldable daypack
Colorful Packable Backpack - Foldable daypack size
Colorful Packable Backpack - Foldable daypack for hiking

Colorful Packable Backpack Mini - 20L

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"Bring in some colors with this fun and ultralight Packable backpack"

Packable Backpacks probably are one of the most useful travel accessories out there. Many travelers and outdoor lovers have been using them as an alternative to regular backpacks because of their small size and ability to stash down into their own pockets.  These small, foldable and ultralight backpacks make the best daypacks while you travel because you don't need to carry around your main travel backpack. Packable backpacks have a lot of great features, unfortunately, most of them lack some color and just look ugly to some travelers. Luckily for those who are seeking for some color in their gear, we have found this colorful and fun foldable daypack. Like any other packable bag, it folds into a small pouch and is easy to carry around wherever you go. Multiple colorful and fun options will make you definitely stand out from the crowd with this backpack whether you travel overseas or going for a hike at your local trails. With multiple color options, you can choose the one which fits your style the best. Definitely most stand out bag in our Packable Backpack & Bag lineup.

What are the best Packable Backpack features?

  • Water Resistant and Durable
  • Secure Zipped Access
  • Colorful Design
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Very easy to use
  • Packs into a small pouch
  • Lightweight
  • Backpack size: 11x6x18.5 inches ( 28x15x47 cm )
  • Size when folded: 3.3x2.5 inches ( 8.5x6.5 cm )
  • Max Capacity: ~20L

This colorful and lightweight packable bag is definitely a must for travelers who wish to optimize their gear and save luggage space without having to carry around a large backpack. Get yours now and we at the Stand Out Bags will give you an extra discount and free shipping option at the checkout!

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