5 Travel Tips To Avoid Being The Victim Of A Pickpocket

Keep you essentials safe and don't let anybody ruin your holidays!

The safety of your belongings while traveling is one of the biggest concerns you need to face during your holidays. Becoming a victim of a pickpocket is probably the last thing you want to experience on your trip. Unfortunately, we hear a lot of stories about ruined holidays because people got robbed and lost their passports, money, and phones. As active travelers ourselves, we want to share these 5 tips for staying safe and to help you minimize the risk of having unpleasant moments while traveling.

5 Tips to avoid being the victim of a pickpocket

  1. Carry Less. Leave all you non-essential cards and documents at home, you don’t need them. Keep your passport in a safe at the hotel. Only carry one day’s worth of cash with you, leave the rest along with a passport and backup credit card in a safe. It is a good idea to have a separate wallet just for your travels.
  2. Have a tracking app on your smartphone. We know you will take a lot of travel photos on your phone, unfortunately, thieves will use this opportunity to grab and run away with your phone.  With a tracking app you still have a chance to locate your phone and inform local police. Beware of people around you when taking photos.
  3. Always be aware and cautious, especially in crowded places. If signs are posted telling you that pickpockets operate in the area, take them very seriously. Be aware of surroundings and your belongings at all times. Before traveling to a new place make sure to check online if the place is infamous for high pickpocket activity.
  4. Trust your instincts! If someone looks or acts suspicious, get as far away from them as possible. Most, but not all pickpockets work in groups. Somebody might try to distract you by starting a conversation or asking a question while accomplice is waiting for the right moment to commit a crime. Be extra careful around overly friendly strangers, especially in tourist areas.
  5. Use zipped bags and never use back pockets to hold anything you don’t want to lose. There are Anti-Theft bags and money belts which have pickpocket prevention features. Using a bag such as Oxford Anti-Theft Backpack for keeping your essentials safe and secure can dramatically lower your risk of becoming a victim! See more about Oxford Anti-Theft Backpack for women.

Oxford Anti-Theft Pickpocket backpack

Please follow these 5 tips to keep yourself and your essentials safe while traveling. If you have more tips please leave a comment so we can all stay as safe as possible. Safe & happy travels! 👍